Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Time-lapses POV

Every now and then I snap with my tablet or cell phone few pictures of my time lapse setup. In this post I selected several shots taken on  location. If you click on the picture the corresponding clip will open in a new window. As you can see it often looks quite different than expected especially after the video is edited.

For these time-lapses, in used  my old and defunct  Canon HF200, a Canon 5DMKII and a GoPro3 black edition mounted on tripod, gorillapod or a suction mount depending on the situation.
I will update this post with new shots when available. Enjoy:

You can see more of my footages on my Shutterstock   or  Pond5  portfolios.

Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia at dusk
Angkor Wat Cambodia, 2012
Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia at dusk
Angkor Thom, Cambodia 2012
Tonle Sap timelapse Cambodia
Tonle Sap lake Cambodia 2013
Kawa Putih lake West Java Indonesia
Kawa Putih lake, West Java Indonesia 2012
Panning timelapse traffic Petronas Towers
Kuala Lumpur traffic, Petronas towers 2013
Petronas towers at night
Petronas towers Kuala Lumpur at night 2012

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Some tips on footage distribution

Sending  footage to stock agencies can be a daunting task. Beside the amount of data to transfer, filling out file description on each website is  time consuming.
Even with a high speed internet,  uploading one movie  to several agencies can take few hours. If you have a slow  connection then it can  became very challenging. One way to get around that is to use PicWorkFlow, a web distribution platform. I also use stocksubmitter, a stand alone application to speed up the uploading process.

Files preparation

Open Stocksubmitter to browse your video  folder and  it will generate automatically  for each movie a 1920*1080 or 1280*720 image (with the corresponding file name). You can then enter manually  title, description and keywords.


Use your favorite ftp software to upload  movies and  their corresponding images to PicworkFlow. Once the transfer is over, log into  Picworflow platform to import your movies (it take only  few seconds) and distribute them in  few clicks to your agencies.

Finalizing uploads

For Shutterstock, Pond5 and ClipCanvas, Picworflow developed a firefox plugin  with which you can fill out the movie informations in  one click.
If the plugin is not available for your agency, you will have to use the copy/paste protocol from stocksubmitter  and submit your footage.

In addition to save time, this workflow will allow you to have a good record of your footage on your computer as corresponding  images have title, description and keywords embedded on them.

PicWorkflow (referral link included) service is not free but very affordable: it costs  1 US cent to upload 22MB of data hence for a clip of 200MB  it will cost you around 10c. Taking into account the time you save and the selling price of a clip it is worth it. 100c are giving away  every month allowing you to upload 2 clips to 5 channels for free so you can test the platform.

My best  stock agencies in 2013 were Pond5 and  Shutterstock. I put my referral links below if you want to sign up with them. Cheers!

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