Sunday, March 1, 2009

February 2009 earnings


For the time since I started microstock, my earnings were lower by few dollars compared to the same month last year. On a positive side, I had my first sale and Cutcaster and two new sales at YAY.
A good surprise came this month from midstock agencies taking a bit more than 25 % of total earnings including Panthermedia with 32 euros sales in total. Total earnings with midstock brought this month earnings above the $ 300 mark. I found Panthermedia to be a consistent seller in term of sales and type of pictures sold so I encourage to submit there and see what pictures of your portfolio they accept like I did.

PantherMedia - Fotocommunity und Bildagentur für lizenzfreie Fotos

Compared to February 2008 in ():

Total earnings: $ 238.33 ($ 239.18)
Pictures sold: 435 (379)
Average $/dl: 0.55 (0.63)
Global RPI : 0.46 (1.06)

Microstock one by one

Shutterstock . Less than 30% of microstock earnings this month way down compared to February last year. It is the first time since I joined Shutterstock that I did not reach a payout.... Only 2 OD sales this month

Istockphoto. Earnings slighty better than last month with a RPI of 0.16 the highest of all the microstock agencies

Fotolia.Number 3 only because I sold a bunch of old and ugly pictures for 0.5 credit each

Dreamstime. One of the most consistent agency this past months in term of earnings and very close to a BME. Above average rejection rate this month though.....

Stockxpert. Earnings are in the normal range this range although a lot of sales came from subscriptions.

A lot of action in low earners this month: 4 BME to report at Crestock, Yaymicro,Cutcaster and Scanstockphoto.
123RF and BSP joined the rank of the low earners this month but all of them made a non negligeable 15 % of earnings. . I had my first sale in 7 months in CSP as I uploaded my entire portfolio there after the Fotosearch acquisition.

Lookstat screenshot