Friday, July 2, 2010

June 2010 earnings


Earnings for this month  of June were very uneven among medias. Photos had a BME and both videos and audio sales were very poor taking as photos alone took 99.2% of total earnings. For microstock photos alone, earnings increased 33%  compare to June 2009. To put things into perspective, porfolio size  increased by 35 % at Shutterstock, 24% at Istock, 28% at Fotolia during the same period.

Reporting per media
  • Photos
It was a new BME overall although only one  BME was to report at Zoonar due to the uploading bonus. Overall,  Shutterstock finished first (with a record of 20 on demand sales) followed by Zoonar, Istock (1EL) and Fotolia (1EL).

Isyndica Analytics screenshot

  • Video
No sales to report in any of the usual leading agencies i.e Pond5, Revostock and Clipcanvas.

  • Audio
Only one sale at Pond5.

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