Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Experiment 2: acceptance rates

Following one of my previous posting about the acceptance-rejection of a small batch of pictures submitted to different microstocks I would like to publish my acceptance rates on 10 different websites the last 3 months.

Ranking from lowest to highest approval rate:


Two comments here on FT and BSP . FT approval is a bit low due to the fact that this where I started contributing by sending average pictures, approval is better now.

I don't really know why BSP rate is so low (56%), my only explanation being that the style of my pictures does not fit with their agency.

IS is very tough on reviewing (27 % accepted) followed by SS, CT taking the smallest number of pictures (24 %) but it is clearly mentioned on their website.
On the extreme, I have 100 % approved on SV but I don't think it is too difficult they pretty much take everything but sell nothing as well....

Will post an update in few months to see how it is changing !

As always if you want to try different microstocks please use my referral links above, thanks:)

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