Monday, December 20, 2010

Free High Definition Screensaver

Christmas is at the door, so I decided to put on line for my readers a relaxing and soothing screensaver made from a HD video I recorded this year in a Buddhist temple in Asia. You just have to download the file (71 MB), copy it somewhere on your computer, right click to install et Voila!. Hope you wil enjoy it and I wish you happy holidays!

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Multimedia Tour of Downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles, second largest city in the United States stretches on an amazing 80 kilometers from north to south.  As a former New Yorker, the first thing that struck me  is that everybody has its own car and drive it even within walking distance. It is then  not too surprising to learn that the first metro line was built only in 1990. It is good to know that trains   do not run on a tight schedule  so you have to expect some waiting time at the platform, enough to take pictures:)

Detail of a subway car in Los Angeles California

Entrance of Hollywood Highland  Metro Rail in Los Angeles

Detail of Los Angeles downtown metro system

Exiting the Metro Rail’s red line at Persching square and you are in the heart of LA’s historic downtown. If you walk west towards the financial district, you will be meet by impressive soaring skyscrapers.

Walking only few  block  east from Persching square and you will be in narrow  streets  where you might do feel  noticeably less secure. Do not forget to look up, to catch some interesting views on  historic buildings.

Modern skyscrapers soaring in downtown Los Angeles HDR processed, Modern skyscrapers soaring in downtown Los Angeles HDR processed

Old building in the historic district of Los Angeles

Going back to Persching square and walking towards the Civic center metro  station, the futurist Wall Disney Concert Hall is hard to miss. A visual delight for photographers, this building is the work of Pritzker Prize-winning architect Franck Ghery who also designed the  Guggenheim museum in Bilbao. Walking along  South Grand  avenue gives you an always changing perspective on the beautiful facade and at night, the building reveals its golden  metallic beauty.

Los Angeles Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles  finished in 2003 and designed by Franck Ghery

Los Angeles Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles  finished in 2003 and designed by Franck Ghery

details of a modern building in downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles California City Hall  at dusk 

From the top of the stairs on the left side of the building, you can get a good view of the City Hall. And walking to the back of a building  will surprise you with a nice touch of nature.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New microstock distribution tools

Distribution is  very important in  stock photography and a  quite  time  consuming task. when uploading to multiple agencies.  Isyndica lead the way but unfortunately closed down in 2010. Since then   some new tools are available either online or via a desktop program.

  • Microstocksubmitter

Microstocksubmitter, developed by microstock contributor Yermolayev Konstantin is a standalone application capable of  uploading  pictures to many stock agencies. It is not an "upload once "product, however the  big advantage  is that, you can  (for 7 agencies so far) select categories  and  your attach model releases from the application itself  which  is a real time saver. Pop up window sale reports are also available and are working  for DT,SS,FT,CSP, 123RF,IS, Veer at the moment.

Automatic  submission  (model release attached and submitted)
Shutterstock,Fotolia,Dreamstime,DepositPhoto,Veer, Canstockphoto,Bigstockphoto,123RF,Istock,Graphic Leftovers.

Final submission and upload of  model releases necessary: Stockfresh,Scanstockphoto,Yaymicro,Zoonar,
(MR not needed), mostphotos (MR not needed).
With the free version of Microstocksubmitter, you can distribute up to 50 files per channel per month. If needed, you can upgrade your account to submit up to 333 files  for  $7  a  month or  choose  the   unlimited uploads option for $15 a month. A version for unlimited uploads  not limited in time can be purchased for $250.

Pros: free account available, automatic final submission (categories,  model release) for the main 4 stock agencies. Frequent updates.
Cons: the same has to be uploading to each channel

If you are interested by  Microstocksubmitter I will appreciate if you sign up under my email Thanks:)

  • PicWorkflow

 PicWorkflow (referral link included)  was developped by  Robert  Davies, also behind the development of Picniche. Taking the philosophy of Isyndica PicWorkflow is a powerful platform to upload once and distribute to multiple agencies. Statistics and promoting tools as well as retouching are also avalaible.
For cost calculation, files are segmented by 22MB blocks so most of pictures will cost 1 credit (1 US cent) to distribute to one channel and a 35MB photo for example will cost 2 credits to distribute. A 500MB movie file would cost 25 credits (25 US cents) to distribute per channel.
Once uploaded using an ftp client like Filezilla,  files are stored seven days and subsequently deleted.It is however possible to extend their storage life by paying an additional fee. I am using picWorkflow to syndicate videos to Pond5, Clipcanvas, Shutterstock  and Revostock and as a former Isyndica user, I am very pleased with the service so far.

Pros:  Upload once, multichannel distribution. Footage distribution. Storage option available.
Cons: Login necessary for final submission of pictures. no IPTC reading for footage. Interface not so intuitive.

  • LightBurner

LighBurner, like picWorkflow, is another  ''upload once'' distribution tool developed by David Mail already behind  Prostockmaster and Pixamba. It is hard to believe but Lightburner is free so far to distribute pictures to 13 photo agencies.  Like picWorfkflow, you have to  send your files by ftp then login into the online platform to distribute your work. Lightburner looks  promising as Analytics and  promotion tools will be included soon as well as a  full integration  with Prostockmaster. I expect also the platform to be capable to distribute footage in the near future and it will be interesting  then to compare  fees with picWorkflow.

Pros: Free. Upload once, multichannel distribution.No upload limits. Automatic final submission fo some agencies.
Cons:  No footage distribution. Pictures get erased from the server after 3 days with no option available for permanent storage. Bugs still exist (duplicates).

  • What are the challenges for distributors?
Challenges are both technical and financial. for distributors. We saw in the past with Isyndica that a great distribution platform alone is not enough, the venture has to be profitable as well. Due to the small amount of contributors willing to pay for this service   and the because of the small margins, it has either has to be a one man operation or one of the tool of an existing company.
Distributors can also provide promotion, keywording, statistics, retouching  tools which can add value to their product and increase their margin.

Regarding the technical part, contributors with paid accounts expect a reliable good technical support and frequent updates from the distributor and it is not easy task as agencies do not not really support them.
Due to the storage place, distribution  is expected  to be a challenge as well especially with heavy contributors who have 1000's of clips ready to upload.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 2010 earnings


Earnings show a slowdown from previous month although the big4  are still holding with respectable earnings. No video sales to report so royalties are split between photo (97%) and audio (3%).

Reporting by media
  •     Photo
Once again Shutterstock takes the first place with plenty of OD sales. Not too far behind is Fotolia with a new BME and third  Dreamstime only few dollars away from a BME thanks to a special 100% royalty day. Although earnings for the  big4 photo are growing, Istock is 300% down compared to last year.

  •     Video
No sales this month which is a  first for this year.

  •     Audio
Audio sales represent a  bit more  than 3% of total earnings with  most sales coming from Pond5.

As usual, stay tuned for more blog updates in December  and in the meantime, you can follow my  updates on Twitter. You can also join my facebook photo page here.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

11 Beautiful Subway Pictures

As a traveler, it is always a new experience to take public transportation. Subways especially are often a good playground to take candid shots, compose graphic pictures or play with motion blur.  Tripod are generally not allowed but small ones like the gorillapod go often unnoticed. Fell free to post your metro/subway pictures on the comment section.

You can click on these pictures to see a bigger size and get the contact details of the artist if you want to license his or her work.

Metro Woman

Subway scene 


Train departing from Los Angeles metro selenium tones

Shoot and Scram

Southbound train

Al mal tiempo, buena cara

Subway Car


Singapore subway


October 2010 earnings


The end of the year slow down did not kick in yet as earnings this month were very close to numbers in September which was  my best month of this year. Photo is always the best earning media (89%) followed by video (7.5%) and audio (3.5%).

Reporting by media
  • Photo
Shutterstock is leading again this month with a new BME (helped by 2 EL) followed by Fotolia with a BME also. Istock is third this month performing a bit better than usual. Dreamstime is not to far off a BME as well.

  • Video
Two sales this month including one at Pond5 with a $50 commission and one at Istock with $5 commission, no need to comment on this one:) No sales at Revostock and Clipcanvas. Since Isyndica is not around anymore and because of my slow connection speed, I upload my clips to Pond5 only.
  • Audio
With a bit more than 3% of total earnings, audio had another BME this month with sales at Pond5 and Revostock.

As usual, stay tuned for more blog updates in November  and in the meantime, you can follow my  updates on Twitter. You can also join my facebook photo page here.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Journey in Malaysia: video and photo slideshow

I am inviting you on a  Malaysian journey  through the cities of  Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Penang and Cameron Highlands.  In this 20 minutes slideshow, you'll be given an opportunity to admire the architectural beauty of the Petronas Towers, witness slices of street life, as well as embark on a thrilling ride on the KL monorail.
You can buy the rights to license these pictures at Should you want to order a copy of this slideshow  (in 1920*1080, 700 MB), please place your request  at the following e-mail:

Enjoy your journey!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Between Day and Night: Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur

Everyday between 6.30 and 7.30 pm, the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia indulge us with a magnificent show. If you patient enough, you will see the towers turned from gold to black or even sometime to deep red.
Below are three timelapse videos taken from the same spot on three different days.  Enjoy the show and stay tuned for more videos on this page. Click on a  thumbnail  and  video   will open in a new window.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

September 2010 earnings


As expected, sales picked up as often microstock sales reach a peak in September and this month was not exception being  a BME in both Photo and Audio. Compared to last year at the same period, microstock photos sales are up  30% which is in line with the increase of my portfolio size.
Photos is still the main earner with 86%, following by video (11%) and audio (3%). A lot of things happened this month: Isyndica distribution platform is closing down:(  This service will be greatly missed and I want to thank personally Sebastien and Hugo for their hard work and for having raised new standards in media distribution platform technology.
Another big news this month, is coming from Istock which decided to cut down commission for non exclusives from 20 to 15% . I personally stopped sending pictures to Istock 4 months ago now and I do not plan resuming uploads there. If you are an exclusive contributor and looking to give up your crown I can recommend the following five agencies: Shutterstock, Dreamstime, and  Yaymicro (interesting 3rd party program) and  Stockfresh (a venture from previous Stockxpert's owners).

Reporting by media

  • Photo
Shutterstock finished far ahead of all  sites with a record number of on demand sales, finishing close to  a BME. Second  was Fotolia, only few cents from a BME and 3rd  was Veer  helped by three extended sales. Istock was number 4 with a dramatic decrease in earnings of 100% compared to September 2009.On a positive note I had my first sale at Alamy this month, hope more will follow:)

Isyndica Analytics screenshot

  • Video
Pond5 had a BME with sales making most of my video earnings this month.However, no sales at Revostock, Shutterstock and Clipcanvas....

  • Audio
Audio represents only 3% of total earnings but had its BME this month with 4 sales at Pond5 and 1 at Revostock.

As usual, stay tuned for more blog updates in October and in the meantime, you can follow my daily updates on Twitter. You can also join my facebook photo page here.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Subway Ambiences

Click on one of the audio tabs to start your journey........

Train departing from Los Angeles metro selenium tones

Entrance of Hollywood Highland  Metro Rail in Los Angeles

Singapore subway

Subway entrance

Orange subway leaving the station taken a slow speed

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Petronas Twins Towers Photos and Videos Gallery

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is the home of the Petronas Twin Towers. Completed in 1998 and topping at 451.9 meters, these towers were until 2004  the tallest building in the world before being surpassed by Taipei 101. To this day, they remain the tallest twin towers in the world. By day or by night, the Petronas Twin Towers offer never ending opportunities to aspiring photographers and videographers. You can find below a  compilation of  my favorite HD videos and photos of the Twin Towers which I will update from time to time with new additions.

By clicking on the respective thumbnails, you can see play the videos. From there, you can also buy royalty-free license to distribute these videos and photos.

Petronas twin towers
Petronas twin towers
Petronas towers Kuala Lumpur
Petronas towers Kuala Lumpur
Petronas towers
Petronas towers
Petronas towers
Petronas towers at night
Kuala Lumpur architecture
Kuala Lumpur skyscrapers

Petronas towers

Kuala Lumpur skyline

Kuala Lumpur skyline

Kuala Lumpur skyline