Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First flames at Istockphoto :)

I was talking a while back about my best sellers. Well, I just had today my first picture "on fire" at Istockphoto after 4 months being on line.

I earned more than $ 100 so far on Istock alone and the same image is doing well at Shutterstock as well with a bit more than $20. Interestingly it does not sell as well on other agencies...
Even on IS, I have similar images which do not sell at all.... I guess it is on a good position on IS search engine...
If things stay this way and the picture does not get lost in the search engine ....this picture could earn $ 500 a year spread on all the agencies.
After 500 downloads, flames change to red then blue at 1000 downloads....
Fingers crossed I will keep you posted :)

PS: May 2009, a second photo in my porfolio just caught in fire

Thanks to TinEye, I found two websites using this picture so far

Fourth of July Sizzlers

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms

Monday, September 1, 2008

August 2008 earnings

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It was the slowest month of this summer with earnings just below the $ 300 mark. It was also my most productive month ever in microstock but it was not apparently enough to overcome the slump :( Numbers are very similar to last month, SS and IS still leading the pack taking close to 70% of earnings. Only SXP took a noticeable dive.

No sales to report this month on the midstock agencies. I continue uploading to Cutcaster and Yaymicro as a test while I stopped uploads to Mostphotos. I was accepted after two attempts at Alamy which will allow me to send some RM pictures there as well are in Photoshelter.

Microstock one by one

  • SS is just above the $ 100 this month but still number one . RPI went down to 0.24. No EL this month but one on-demand sale for $ 2.48 which is the equivalent of a large size at IS.
  • IS had a BME and rising for the 5th consecutive now mainly due to ….one picture… which took since May 50-60 % of IS total earnings. RPI of 0.38 and highest $/dl ever at 1.14. Still no sub sales...
  • FT Nothing much to say expect that I do not upload there anymore, $ figures did not move for a year and review process still does not make sense to me and to a lot of people as well….
  • DT Stable earnings compared to last month. 500 + on the portfolio but I still would expect more $$$. I did not notice any increase in the $/dl due to the new levels.
  • 123RF after a slump last month went back to its previous levels. I have 700 + images on my portfolio now.
  • SXP Disappointing month especially following the recent upward trend. I noticed that pictures uploaded since 2 weeks did have any views or few views….I do not know if it explains the lack of sales

Big six ranking


Performance (RPI): IS>SS>FT>DT>123RF=SXP

$/dl: FT>SXP>IS>DT>123RF>SS

Figures in USD