Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First flames at Istockphoto :)

I was talking a while back about my best sellers. Well, I just had today my first picture "on fire" at Istockphoto after 4 months being on line.

I earned more than $ 100 so far on Istock alone and the same image is doing well at Shutterstock as well with a bit more than $20. Interestingly it does not sell as well on other agencies...
Even on IS, I have similar images which do not sell at all.... I guess it is on a good position on IS search engine...
If things stay this way and the picture does not get lost in the search engine ....this picture could earn $ 500 a year spread on all the agencies.
After 500 downloads, flames change to red then blue at 1000 downloads....
Fingers crossed I will keep you posted :)

PS: May 2009, a second photo in my porfolio just caught in fire

Thanks to TinEye, I found two websites using this picture so far

Fourth of July Sizzlers

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms


james r t bossert said...

Nice image! Congrats! :)

Marcio Eugenio said...


It's a great image. It's only the begin!! :)

pdtnc said...

congrats on the flames :) I have 1 flame so far :)