Monday, February 4, 2008

Experiment 6: best sellers

It is time to do a quick roundup and see what the best sellers are across my five main agencies (shutterstock, fotolia, istockphoto, dreamstime, 123RF) the past few months.

So here they are below with number of dl's and date of upload. It is interesting to note that the two architectural shots are doing very well. Although "blue building in Warsaw' is on Shutterstock as well it has been downloaded only a few times.I will update this post in few months with hopefully more downloads and agencies.

Glass building in Glasgow@Shutterstock (57 downloads,uploaded 04/12/07)

Blue building in Warsaw@123 RF (20 downloads, uploaded date 07/22/07)

Copernicus memorial in Warsaw@Istockphoto (17 downloads, uploaded 07/31/07)

Macro Science @Fotolia (12 downloads, uploaded 30/03/06)

Morning rush hour in Warsaw's metro@Dreamstime (5 downloads, uploaded 07/22/07)

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1 comment:

Marek said...

I just looked at my
microstock bestselling pictures:

I wonder if my bestseller list will change significantly in the next few months.