Saturday, March 1, 2008

February earnings


Very good month overall and with the help of my first referrals earnings I am now just above the $250 mark (+24%). 5 BME on the 5 main agencies. I saw this month a very positive effect of the price increase at FT and IS with return of more than $1/dl. I got for the first time 2EL at Shutterstock!

On a previous post I was speculating about the increase of the $/dl and it really happened this month with the highest I had so far with $0.69.

However nothing to report on the macro site this month, not a single sale despite the fact than one of my picture (green spiral staircase) is on the frontpage of Zymmetrical with few others.

Ranking $: SS>FT>IS>DT>123RF

Ranking performance: SS>IS>FT>DT>123RF

Ranking $/DL: SCP>FT>IS>LO>CSP

Microstock one by one

  • SS (+37%). BME. My highest earner for the 7th consecutive month but % earnings continue to decrease down to 41% this month. I got not only one but two exclusive extended sales this month which is pretty unusual. Without them, SS would have taken just under 30% of earnings. Global performance 45%.
  • FT (+29%) BME. A nice growth this month mainly due to the new prices put in place because I had less sales than the previous month. This is the highest $/download I ever had with $ 1.46 ($ 0.91 last month). Performance up to 8%.
  • IS (+36%) BME. IS continue its growth and due to the price increase a very good return per image at 1 $/per download ($ 0.79 last month). I get more pictures accepted because of my better camera resolution now I think. Global performance up to 33%.
  • DT (+71%). BME. A surprisingly good month with a significant decrease in subscriptions sales (4 out of 27) which gave a much higher $/dl than last month at $ 0.87
  • 123RF (+40%). BME. I continue to be impressed by 123 RF , earnings are up this month again with almost a perfect split between subscription and credit sales.
  • SXP (-11%) A slow month at SXP , sales did never really pick up since I started.
  • Slow sites (less than 2% of sales each): BSP,CSP,CT,SCP,LO. LO and SCP are actually the best of this pack. Only sub sales at CT , I will pause my uploads there from now on.

  • 379 pictures sold (229 on SS)
  • Best day: $ 29.36 (25/02)
  • Average per download: $0.63
  • Global performance : 106 %
Detailed earnings Figures in USD. Note: 100 % global performance is defined by a portfolio with an average of sales of $ 1 per picture.

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