Tuesday, July 1, 2008

June 2008 earnings

It is being a year already that I am selling my picture on microstock agencies and report my earnings.
This month was pretty good considering I did not have any extended license sales and also no sales on midstock. I am down 13 % compare to last month but still above $ 300 for the total earnings. It was was record month in number of sales with 601. For the first time it is worth noticing that IS is number 2 just after SS.
So far I have significant earnings on 6 sites and if I had to pick 3 of them my choice would be SS,IS and SXP.
I joined YAYmicro this month and will join Image Vortex next month to try to get more value out of my portfolio by selling at higher prices.

  • SS (+11%). BME. Another good month explained by quite a lot of uploads. Approval rate was 81 %. RPI stable compared to last month with 0.41. May batchRPI dropped from 2.08 to 0.85 taking 27% of the earnings this month.
  • IS (+56%). BME. Earnings increased for the third consecutive month. Interestingly,one picture took more than 70% of the earnings! I expect to see flames in few weeks on this one :) RPI of 0.35 which is not far at all from SS. I reached the bronze canister in June with more than 250 dl's. The only advantage is that I have a higher upload limit now.
  • FT. Better than last month but not quite what I would expect from FT. I had few sub sales as well making $/dl the lowest in few months. FT is simply not predictable at all ! RPI very low at 0.06. I noticed that sub sales concerned my last uploaded images.
  • SXP. Equal my BME of last month there again.Approval times were very fast this month. The highest $/dl of all agencies with $1.85.
  • DT BME by few dollars. Still at low RPI at 0.06. Earnings might go up next month again due to an upcoming price change and a change in picture levels.
  • 123RF. The last of the pack this month , a big drop compared to May where i had 2 EL. Hope July will get better, earning seems to stalled otherwise... 600 + portfolio.

Low earners (less than 1 % of earnings)
BSP, CT. No sales at SCP this month for the fist time since i started there, pictures at no reviewed as well :(

* Big 6 rankings

Performance: SS>IS>SXP>DT=>FT>123RF

Detailed earnings figures in USD.


Marcio Eugenio said...

good results, for me this month my earning was worst than last month too, but I don't calculate results of june.


-Matt said...

Interesting charts - the bottom one is kind of hard to read cuz SS covers everything up! :)

Glad to hear IS is doing well for you - I REALLY need to put in some effort on IS....maybe this month, maybe not. lol


james r t bossert said...

Not bad at all! I need to change my return per image to be monthly instead of total as you guys have. I'm glad to see you're doing better with IS! They've always been my best earner. (Although SS is closing fast). Here are my numbers: http://jrtb.com/blog/?p=309

Anonymous said...

It's not only about number of images, but also about photography, style and commercial orientation. It's about the sytle and sensibility of photographer as well.
What do you think?

jordanmcclements said...

Interesting stats...

The summer months are a slump for me as well.