Friday, October 31, 2008

October 2008 earnings

October pictures (collage Picasa 3)


An pretty slow October (especially the second half) with 500 pictures sold for a bit less than $300 . Referrals and midstock pushed my earning to $ 320. No extended licences sold this month but one sale at Zymmetrical. Global RPI is only 0.63 down from 0.84 last month. I continue uploading to YAY micro and Cutcaster as a test but no sales so far....
The only got thing is that the dollar regained some strengh against the Euro...
Compared to October 2007 in ():

Total earnings: $ 296.35 ($ 122.53)
Pictures sold: 501 (275)
Average $/dl: 0.59 (0.45)
Global RPI : 0.63 (0.84)

Microstock one by one

  • Shutterstock. By far, my best earner this month even if RPI went down to 0.22. I had four on demand sales taking 8 % of the earnings. I noticed that new uploads did not get as many downloads as usual and that the second half of the month was noticibly slower than the first.
  • Istockphoto. More than 50% down compared to last month probably explained by change in best match : my best seller lost a lot of ground but on the positive side I sold some ''old'' pictures for the first time.
  • Fotolia. Pretty similar than last month and I still hold my uploads over there, just clear out the queue from time to time...
  • Dreamstime. Not far from a BME but $/dl decreased compared to last month since I had few level 2 picture sales.
  • Stockxpert. Up again after two slow months, hope to see this trend continue in the future
  • 123RF. Earnings are in the normal range this month but nothing spectacular. I have now 800 + pictures on line.
  • Bigstockphoto. BME. I included BSP in the detailled earning this month as I had a big jump in sales (3 % of total earnings). It is probably due to the fact that I cleared my pending queue of pictures.

Less than 1%:
Crestock,Scanstockphoto,Canstockphoto (no sales).

Detailed earnings, figures in USD


Chris said...

I'm quite new to stock photography still so I think $304.12 would be great.

james r t bossert said...

Your numbers *are* great! Fantastic job! My sales were pretty good, but slow the last week of last month (iStock in particular). Here are my numbers.