Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An update on RPI and $/dl

This an update of my post published last January about the evolution of  RPI and $/dl across my microstock agencies.

In 2008, my cumulative RPI was quite high (0.82) but constantly went down the second half of the year. In addition my $/dl was  flatlining pretty much all year long.

In 2009, RPI went  up again even if  the  average (0.65) it was significantly lower than in 2008. On the other hand , $/dl gradually  increased to reach $0.95 in december. As my sale volume did not change much compared to 2008, my earnings went actually up (+100 % increase between december 2008 and december 2009).

The increase  in $/dl can be explained by the following things:

  • Microstock agencies increased their prices.
  • A higher ratio of credit to subscription sales (the amount of pictures sold at Shutterstock  went down between 2008 and 2009).
  • More  distribution channels:  I distribute my pictures to 16 agencies in 2009 compared to only 10 in 2008.
  • Having a bigger portfolio (1000+ pictures) increases the odds of extended licence sales especially at Shutterstock.
  • A higher  number of best selling pictures (especially on Istock).

24 months evolution of cumulative RPI and $/dl


Luis said...

Very interesting stats, you are on the right path (I guess) because I am still very newbie..! My RPI is about 0.3$ and RPD 0.45$, but I have agencies with a lot of pictures and 1 or 2 sales and I am counting them for RPI.. :/

Laurent said...

Yes you should count all of them. I chose not to include midstock agencies like Panthermedia otherwise my RPI and $/dl would be above 1

Luis said...

So you have count all agencies except PM? It's a pretty good result!

Laurent said...

PM and Zymmetrical actually

Luis said...

ok! 3d studio is gettin on my nervs.. 50k views and 0sales!