Thursday, January 13, 2011

12 Graphic Food and Drink Background Pictures

Foods and drinks can made amazing  abstracts and backgrounds, even a simple pile of spaghetti or a  glass of beer on the counter. I made in this post a compillation of my most interesting  food and drink backgrounds  in this post, enjoy your visit:).
You can click on each picture to open it  a new window  and also  to order  a  license for commercial use.

Coffee beans with selective focusing
Bunch of multicolored candy pills
Uncooked Italian pasta spaghetti from top
Macro of a glass of fresh beer with water drop
Red chili peppers
Corn background
Closeup of a pile of dry brown coconut
Icy syrup
Strawberry juice
Closeup of a pile of white coconut stripes
Row of Bordeaux wine bottles stacked in a cellar with shallow depth of field

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