Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July earnings

  • Made my first $ 100 on microstock

  • Bronze level achieved at FT (100 sales)

  • BME in general and BME on FT with 30 sales

  • Active portfolio of 900 photos on 9 microstocks (CT,CSP and 123RF as new)

  • First pictures sold on IS,DT,BSP,CT,123RF

    Ø What is next?
    My commission was raised to 52% at Fotolia for my exclusive portfolio but most importantly it is possible to raise quite a lot the price of the pictures and I already some increase in my exclusive earnings at FT
    Try Shutterstock again (will be the 3rd time) and SXP (second time)
    Keep shooting and uploading !

Below you will find a table with the details, earnings are in USD. Note: 100 % global performance is defined by a portfolio with an average of sales of $ 0.1 per picture.

Don't really why but you do need to click to enlarge !

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chiggs said...

Great site - very similar to one that I'm putting together. I'm very impressed with your stats and congratulations on your first $100 :)

My site is www.stockphotojournal.com Would you be interested in trading links on our respective blogs?

Anonymous said...

congratulations! Your FT portfolio is great. I wish I had so many images...


best wishes,

Nicolas said...

Scandaleux de tuer les prix du marché de la photo ainsi...

Laurent said...

For Nicolas who said " it is scandalous to kill the price of the photomarket"

first I don't pretend to be a professionnal and second a lot of talks have been around lately and I am not sure microstock will kill the prices.
Finally some professionnals are making a living out of it
Chercher l'erreur...