Wednesday, May 14, 2008

123RF review

I started submitting to 123RF in July 2007 along with other agencies. I don't have any link with 123RF (except the referral link at the end :) ) I just wanted to give a fair review of this agency and talk a bit about my experience so far.
Even if sales started very slowly at first, 123RF has been growing at its own pace very consistently as I uploaded regularly every month between 40 and 50 pictures. At this date I am seasoned contributor with a bit more than 500 pictures online. I had 2 payouts (took me 8 months for the first, only 2 months for the second). For the past two months 123RF was my 5th and 3rd site in term of earnings.

I tried to put a list of things I like about 123RF which is actually surprisingly long !

  • Consistent and fast reviews (typically 24 to 48 hours)
  • Nice and quick web interface with very low downtime
  • Easy uploads , no categories and disambiguation needed
  • One of the highest acceptance in microstock (at least for me about 80-90%)
  • Movable watermark
  • 50 % commission
  • Possibility to mark as favorites 5 % of your pictures, giving them more exposure during the search
  • Automatic Paypal payment after $ 50 reached
  • Balanced credit and subscription models in term of sales
  • Highest exclusive license commission in all microstock agencies (up to $ 36.50).
  • Very fast on line support (used it once)

What I don't like ? Well not many things so far except the donated images I tried it several times which did not increase significantly my sales. However I noticed that fave your best pictures really increase picture exposure and sales. I advice to rotate pictures in the faved section from time to time.
On the graph below I plotted my earning since the start. Please noted that this month is exceptionally high since I sold two extended licenses in a row :)

Is 123RF the little agency that grows and grows ? Time will tell but they have been pretty innovative so far and active in marketing their products. They unveiled recently a new label called EVO, limited so far to some cherry picked contributors. With this, 123RF expands its products to the midstock market.

If you are already submitting to microstock and looking to increase your earnings with a agency with some potential I definitely recommend 123RF. You will need to put at least 200 pictures online to see some earnings though.
And if this post has been useful to you and I convinced you to register you can use my referral link below, you will be my first :) Thanks !

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Photography and Video Concept by: Rey C. Borlaza said...

So far, in comparison, 123rf had sold better of my images as compared to other stock sites. In fact, I've closed my account to nearly a dozen of stock sites in favor of 123rf and am concentrating most of my submission in video format.

MicrostockExp said...

Let me know if you have video sales,I have 100 clips so far but nothing...