Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Update on Shutterstock

I wanted to give an update on my progress on Shutterstock : 4 months have passed since my previous post so what happened ?

  • I got a raise from 0.25 to 0.30 then $ 0.33 per download
  • Best day with 34 downloads in December 2007
  • Only 8 pictures so far have made more than $ 10 each (a bit less than 3 % of my portfolio)
  • At this day 2200 pictures were sold including 2 extended licenses (for $ 20 each)
  • Portfolio is now close to 300 pictures

  • Despite regular uploads, sales are not linear anymore with the size of my portfolio since last December
  • The performance of my portfolio decreased steadily from 53 % last January to less than 30 % last month
  • SS was my number earner for 8 consecutive months and only second last month after FT
  • The raise in March did not change anything :( so I am looking forward to raise this month....
It will be interesting to see how much SS are willing to give to their contributors for the raise and how the subscription program that IS will implement later this month will impact on my SS and IS sales. Will SS be number one again next month ? We will see...
Update graphs are below

Despite the pessimist tone of this post, it is still worth to join Shutterstock. If you want to join here is my referral link Submit Photos to Shutterstock and make $$$!
Thanks !


Marek said...

It looks like your "global portfolio performance" is equivalent to "return per image".

My "return-per-image" in SS dropped from 0.58 (or 0.37 without EL) in March to 0.28 in April.

james r t bossert said...

Great post and numbers! My numbers at Shutterstock have never been as good as at Istock. I think the bias there with newer images keeps my earnings decent, but only as long as I'm uploading new stuff.

Laurent said...

Hello Marek, yes global performance as I calculated is indeed RPI. I found it challenging to increase earnings at SS after a certain time at least with photos, trend for vectors is probably different.
For James yes SS needs constant uploading I guess if I double or triple my accepted images every month I will be able to make more $$$. By uploading 20 I just keep the same $$$

Lorraine Swanson said...

Congrats Laurent on the raise at SS and I hope we both get a big one tomorrow when the new fee schedule is announced!

I have really noticed the 'feed the beast' effect this month, it's been two weeks since I uploaded to SS and sales are down well more than 50%. It's an unimaginable amount. You really have to work to maintain your numbers.

Laurent said...

Hello Lorraine ,
Thanks. 50 % less is really a lot . I am not doing to bad this month but I "feed the beast" more than usual, waiting for the raise tommorrow !
hope it will be a good one ....