Monday, August 31, 2009

August 2009 earnings


There was a bit of reshuffling in my top 6 this month as 123RF and BSP were forced out by a new player....


August was a good month considering the period of the year and it even end up being my BME, beating last May by few dollars. I had 3 EL this month (1 EL at SS and 2 EL at DT). SS claimed back its number one spot from IS, DT made a new BME.

I will write a few words about an agency I started submitting to called the3Dstudio. It is an established marketplace selling 2D and 3D products since 1996 that just opened a stock pictures section. 3DS has been receiving a lot of attention due to the fact that pictures go immediately on-line for sale and because of the generous 60% commission they redistribute to photographers (they also allow you to fix the price of your pictures). More importantly, customers are actually buying stock pictures! Uploading pictures at 3Dstudio is quick and reliable and I was able put online more than 1400 pictures this month, 3DS being my largest collection right now. Stats speak for themselves since on its first month, 3DS made more that FT and SXP, where I have been uploading for 2 years ....
If you want also to join the3Dstudio, you can use my referral link below, they even have a good referral program:)


Veer marketplace was a big dissapointment this month with only 1 view and ... no sales . I do have less than 100 pictures on-line there so I need to send more before drawing some conclusions....
Midstock sales brought my earnings just above the $500 mark this month:)

I am looking forward to September with, maybe, a new BME ?
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To finish this update, if you want like me make your uploading less painful and see your live stats use Isyndica ! My Isyndica stats for this month can be found below along with a detailed Excel spreadsheet.


Luis said...

Hi! I am uploading to 3D, have you got any sale?.. Sorry but I enter referral to other photography..!


Laurent said...

Hi Luis,

Yes I got 6 sales making $38.40 in August not bad, September slow so far though....

Luis said...

wow, very nice :) I have upload 174 from different subjects, but no sale (I have entered last week), got like 4000 views..


Luis said...

I have now more than 1000 photos on 3D and nothing, how is going your month there?


Laurent said...

Slower than last month for me, only two sales so far....