Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Experiment 14: Distributing and selling your audio on microstock

In addition to pictures and HD videos,  I started this month distributing  audio to different agencies. My goal is more to have recordings to support my  pictures and videos than rather to increase my microstock earnings. After looking  for a suitable recorder, I ordered a Zoom H2 from Amazon. The zoom H2 has a low price tag ($150) and a great sound quality, capable recording at 360-degree and comes with a 1GB SD card and earplugs. If you are looking for a more advanced recorder you can have a look at the Zoom H4n.

Wav files recorded at 44.1 kHz 16 bits are accepted pretty much by all agencies although some are taking 48 kHz 16-bit as well. As the Zoom H2 can record at 96 kHz 24-bit, I use these settings and downsample files before submission.
Like with pictures, agencies are looking for noise-free high quality files and Istockaudio even specify that the signal should be in the final range of -4db to -6db.  I use Audacity, a free and open source software, to  remove noise if necessary and amplify my audio files.
Like any submission in microstock, quality is preferred over quantity so sounds with a different twist have more chance to be sold. Keywording is quite different than in video and photo and it is advisable to add words to describe the mood of the file in the metadata.

For information, I put in a table below a list of  agencies I upload to, along with some, I hope, useful informations.  Being an Isyndica user, I take the advantage of their platform to distribute my audio files in few clicks.

I am far from being a sound expert so please feel to post a comment if you find any mistakes on this post. Thanks and happy recording!
If you want to sign up to start selling your audio, feel free to click on my affiliate banners below:

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Luis said...

wow.. congrats for another activity! very good stuff, wish you the best

Marek said...

Laurent, you are the multimedia guy!

I hope that some day you will start to post your earnings statistics by media (pictures/video/audio) or by distribution channels (microstock or others).

So far, I am 100% microstock pictures (and 0% SmugMug pictures).


MicrostockExp said...

@Luis thanks, will try to do my best
@Marek. It is part of the all microstock experiment:) It is a good idea to present earnings per media, I will think about that!
Do you monitor your traffic on Smugmug?