Monday, February 1, 2010

January 2010 earnings


All multimedia files included (photo,video,audio), january earnings  were just above the $400 mark  with not even a BME  to record. Detailed earnings by categories are reported below:

  • Photos
Microstock agencies performed poorly this month, although sales picked up nicely in the last week of the month. Earnings are just 28% higher than those in January 2008 despite having larger portfolios. Shutterstock had a solid  month following by Fotolia and Istock, very close to each others. Small agencies and midstock
agencies did not sell as much as they usually do.
  • Videos
I had my second sale at Clipcanvas (141 clips on line) which netted me 42 euros. I am still waiting for my first sale at Pond5 and Shutterstock. Due to a  lengthy review process, I have only 6 videos on line at Istock and no sales to report  despite getting a lot of views (as high as 600 per files....).
  • Audio
Like mentioned on my previous post, I just started submitted sound effects to several agencies so it is bit  early to expect sales especially with only 16 files at Pond5.

Isyndica Analytics screenshot

Detailled earnings in US dollars

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Luis said...

Hi! How are you? I was looking for your email but haven't found it..! Got a question ok? I had my first sales at 3D, and I am looking for payment rules etc! and after a chat with Matt from 3D, we need the ITIN..! He said that other agencies like SS, FT are not "following" the rules, etc.. What have you done?.. I will wait :P

videojunkie73 said...

There is an alternative method to selling your stock footage. Just try to get away from the idea of a microstock company where full control over your stock footage is relinquished. Try to picture owning your own microsite/microstock site without the high costs of development, high bandwith costs, and hosting fees. Emerging web technologies make it possible to own an e-commerce site specifically designed to present and sell stock footage with all of the back office functions to track sales, set prices, and even editing the licensing agreements on each clip sold.

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