Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 2010 earnings


No BME to report in any of the big photo agencies but February was quite good considering it had only 17 business days.  My total earning including photos, videos and sounds and referrals was just above $500. You will  find my detailled earnings per media below:

Isyndica Analytics screenshot

  • Photos
Microstock photos earnings were up 68% compared to February 2009  with Shutterstock, Istockphoto and Fotolia  taking 71% of the total. Midstock  agencies did ok  with 12% of total photos sales. Stockxpert closed down the 11th of February so I signed up in two new agencies and both accounts are already showing a positive balance offsetting the loss of stockxpert earnings.

The first agency  is Depositphotos (DP) which attracted a lot of attention with their shock and awe  promotion program by paying contributors up to  $100 if they  upload 500 pictures. Apparently this program has been closed down March 1st. Uploading is quite fast despite the fact at least one category has to be selected. Ranking determines the commission rate which is 44% (for non exclusive photographers) and increases to 46% after 500 sales.

The second agency, Graphic Leftovers (GLO), primarily sells vectors but do sell  pictures as well. Upload
process is a breeze as it is  fully integrated in the Isyndica platform via an API : you don't even need to push
your uploads on the site. GLO offers a generous 52% commission to all contributors.

If you want to join these two agencies feel free to use my referral links above:

  • Videos
I had my first sales at AlwaysHD ($25 for one HD1080) and  Pond5($10 for one HD720) and I am still waiting for my first  sales at Revostock, Shutterstock and Istock. It is not much but enough to represent 7% of my total multimedia earnings.

  • Audio
No sales to report this month with about 20 files online at Revostock, Pond5 and Audiomicro.

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Hugo A said...

Good job on the video sales Laurent. Let's hope for a BME heading into Spring!

feelisgood said...

Thank you for the statistics. It is very informative for me. Glad I found your blog. Good luck in your business!

Anonymous said...

TAHNKS FOR YOUR SHARING~~~VERY NICE ........................................

yuliang11 said...

good luck in your earnings ;)

MicrostockExp said...

Thanks to all, hope it will go up in the coming months:)