Monday, May 31, 2010

May 2010 earnings

After a slow April, earnings increased sharply for all medias: videos and audio had  their BME. Overall , earnings were  not higher than March 2010 (DepositPhoto upload bonus skewed the results). Photo is still the largest media in term of earnings (84 %), followed by video (13%) and audio (3%).

You will notice that my Isyndica analytics graph  below includes Shutterstock now. To add this channel, simply go your Shutterstock downloads stat page, and save the earnings spreadsheet for a specific period. You can then upload the csv file to your Isyndica Analytics.

Reporting per media

  •     Photo

3 BME  this month for  Shutterstock, Veer and Yaymicro. Sadly, Istock is still underperforming, very far from its best month in May 2009 ($172.29). No downloads to report at Graphic leftovers, 3DStudio, Cutcaster and Mostphotos and only 1 sub sale at DepositPhoto.

  •     Video
BME this month with  three HD clips sold at Pond5 and one at Clipcanvas. No sales at Revostock and I am still waiting (should I?) for my first sale at Shutterstock.
  •     Audio
BME with 6 sales at Pond5. No sales to report this month at Revostock.

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gubh83 said...

Congratulations on your sales. I've been having great sales at GraphicLeftovers, but I think they're more focused on vectors than photos