Monday, May 3, 2010

April 2010 earnings


As you might have noticed, I changed the format of my earnings this month  giving up  tables  for charts. Overall, earnings this month did not increase as they did last year between March and April. It was a slow month with sale commissions 35% down compared to last month and only 1% up compared to April 2009. Royalty percentages for each media are reported below with photo  and audio taking 92% and 3% of the total earnings, respectively.

Isyndica analytics screenshot

You can access 2009-2010 monthly earnings from Microstock Charts here.
  • Photo
No BME to report this month.  Shutterstock led  the pack,  Istock earnings dropped 43% compared to last month lagging behind FT. Among  the low earners agencies, it is 123RF who performed the best.
  • Video
It was a slow month for footage with only one sale at Pond5 despite the addition of new clips.
  • Audio
Surprisingly, audio did not finish far behind video and even had a best month ever.

If you are not a Isyndica user yet, you can take advantage of their 30% off on subscriptions. They also offer free syndication on new uploaded items until the 7th of May. You can use my link to signup  and do not forget to enter the coupon code HAPPYBDAY on the checkout.


Luis said...

Hi there :) Just a quick comment, too bad these days almost no microstocker posts the sales/earnings on a commom table, but I guess that´s the future right? If you are wondering, I am talking about yourself, marek, lee! have a nice week!

MicrostockExp said...

Thanks. ha ah yes, these tables are taking too much time after a while:)

Luis said...

Are you saying that it is because of time? In my humble opinion, I think it is just the evolution, I guess I will continue, but I understand that contributors need to stay low profile no?

MicrostockExp said...

It is a bit of both, you want to control to some extend what you are publishing I guess. I hope more people will use Microstock charts so we can benchmark our numbers between us.

Luis said...

I don't use it YET, but I guess regarding sharing stats it will be the same.. thanks for your replies

Jason Stitt said...

Thank you for publishing all this info -- I've been thinking about getting more into photography, and blogs like yours have been teaching me how involved it is to do it for more than just enjoyment (in terms of, e.g., the number of quality images needed).

MicrostockExp said...

@Jason. You are welcome, I am glad you find useful infos:)