Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cooliris Express 3D interactive wall review

Cooliris was founded  in 2006 around a simple mission: "Think beyond the browser". They proposed a range of products including:
  • Cooliris desktop, a browser add-on with which you can browse, search the web and your desktop using a 3D Wall.
  • Cooliris iPhone to search, discover and share photos, videos with your iphone.
  • CoolPreviews, a browser add-on to speed  up your surfing experience.
In this post, I use a fourth product called Cooliris Express which allow you to embed on your blog a Flash-based 3D interactive wall containing photos and videos. I made up two walls: one with pictures from my Flickr photostream and one containing videos from my youtube channel. Content was originally uploaded to Flickr and Youtube using the Isyndica platform which allows you to control the size of the syndicated media as well as its protection i.e using a custom or standard watermark.
The nice thing is that your wall is updated as soon as you upload new photos or videos to  Flickr or Youtube.  A share button on the lower right hand side of the wall allow you to share it on Facebook, Twitter,  Myspace, Linkedin and more. The slideshow button button is very convenient as it plays your Youtube videos one after the other.It is not possible however to make a wall with selected photos or videos, it would be a great feature additional feature.
Cooliris Express is a good way to promote your work as a photographer or videographer. You can start  your own wall by clicking here. Did I forget to mention, it is free....

Photo interactive wall

Video interactive wall

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