Thursday, April 1, 2010

March 2010 earnings


This month was a BME for microstock (beating  September 2009) with combined  multimedia royalties reaching  over  $700. It is  also the first  month I've sold photos, videos and audio alltogether.Microstock photos alone had a  70% increase in earnings compared to March 2009.

Isyndica Analytics graph

  • Photos
More than 1000 photos were licensed this month, but no extended sales to report. Shutterstock was once again the best agency followed closely by Istock and Fotolia (first BME since 2 years....). Depositphotos ranked 4th due to their promotion program but I expect to go way down next month. I have also a BME to report at  GraphicLeftovers, the easiest agency to contribute  if you are an Isyndica user. No sales at all this month at 3DS, Mostphotos and Cutcaster. Taking into account the 17 agencies, cumulative RPI was quite stable  at $0.8 compared to last year. The average $ per download went down to $0.58 to the large volume of sales at DepositPhotos.

Thanks to Lee Torrens from Microstockdiaries and Amos Struck, you can see my 2009-2010 earnings history  here.

  • Videos
Videos royalties represent a bit more than 9% of my multimedia sales. No sales yet to report at Shutterstock, Istock and Revostock.

  • Audio
I had my first 2 sales at Pond5 this month with an average of $3.5 per download, a value between photo and video. My files are distributed to 4 agencies so far. Audio represents however  only 1% of my multimedia sales.

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Melking said...

You can see my March Stats here:

I had BME as well!

MicrostockExp said...

Nice:) Hope it will not be the last one this year:)