Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Experiment 7 : evolution of average $ per download

Disclaimer: it is not a April fool's :)
With the recent changes in prices at IS at the beginning followed by FT and more recently by SXP, SS and 123rf in the foreseeable future I thought it will be interesting to look at the impact on the $/dl for each month (total income/total photos sold) on a graph

I mentioned this possible increase in $/dl in a previous post and it looks like it happened and here to stay.
$/dl increases because of the successive price increases at IS,FT,SXP, my raise in commission at SS but also because of the lowest % of SS sales this past months. Extended sales can have of course also a big impact on the $/dl.
Last month was my highest so far with $ 0.63 (helped by 2 EL at SS) but this month despite a small EL at FT $/dl was still above $o.5.

So looking ahead I hope by keeping the same volume of sales $/dl will continue to increase especially with the coming changes at SS and 123RF and maybe DT ? Future will tell, I will do an update in few months...

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