Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Experiment 8 : Your photos in action, how to find them?

After selling hundred and thousands of pictures, it is always gratifying to see where and how they have been used but you will be able to find only a tiny fraction of them....

Your microstock pictures can be found in a number of media: website, magazine, leaflet, brochure, mugs, mouse pad, billboards or even TV commercials....
Only Fotolia so far, allows you to know the company or individual who bought your picture. The next step is then after few days or weeks to do a search on google with some luck find your photo in action.
The other option is google search your full name between commas, or your porfolio's nickname. If you are lucky enough, buyer can contact you or you got informed by another stock photographer via a forum. Recently, a group called "your photos in use" was created on facebook, you can have a look here.
If you are even luckier, you can stumble on your picture on line (it happened to me once) or on a magazine.

Here are my tear sheets so far, find with a Google search and random browsing. I will update this post if I found more of them.

Bought most probably on Fotolia. Found by Google Search

Bought by Mostphotos ! Found after random browsing....

Web links found with Google:














Thanks to TinEye

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Anonymous said...

some of mine are more of a bad news story -- found several photos made into magnets/greeting cards/pocket watches on ebay. Found them after a tip from an IS contributer and searched the other "vendors". Good news for some as they took the product down after I emailed them. Only one copped an "it's a free country" attitude.

Anonymous said...

Check out tineye.com.

You give a link and it "might" find it in use on the web.