Thursday, January 1, 2009

December 2008 earnings


As expected, a slow month in microstock especially during the second half of the month .Looking at the yearly graph, earnings dropped from September despite adding new pictures which is the opposite of last year. Compared to december 2007 most agencies are down also.
This month is the 2nd worst month of the year for earnings, the lowest RPI and $/dl with just below $ 200 for microstock. Quite unusual month as I did not have BME in the big 6 this month. No help from extended sales but a sale a panthermedia brings total earnings to almost $220. I also had my first payout there. Shutterstock was the only agency not be affected this month. I definitely looking forward to january to see an increase in downloads!

Compared to December 2007 in ():

Total earnings: $ 192.47 ($ 163.46)
Pictures sold: 383 (446)
Average $/dl: 0.50 (0.37)
Global RPI : 0.38 (0.90)

  • Shutterstock. A pretty good month considering the slow down at the end of the year, SS takes almost 50% of the earnings this month. As last, I sold less pictures this december than the one last year but because of the higher commission earnings are few dollars up. On demand sales made up for 5 % of the earnings.RPI=0.16.
  • Istockphoto. Very similar to last mont with RPI of 0.11 hopefully IS will pick up again next month. Got my first sub sale there for $ 0.19.
  • Fotolia. A big drop compared to the last two months at Fotolia. Very RPI at 0.02
  • Dreamstime. A bit slower than last month. RPI 0.02.
  • Stockxpert. A decrease compared to last month despite my first ppd sales of $ 7.5 via RPI of 0.02
  • Bigstockphoto . Not bad considering the performance of other stocks. RPI 0.01
CT had a BME but still under 2 % of total earning. I tried to resume my uploading but got 100% rejection! I think I will just for my first payout there !
Less than 1%: SCP,CSP


For the first time, I include this month stats provided by Lookstat that I joined recently. At the moment it allows to track the stats of SS,DT and IS. I had Rahul Pathak , CEO of Lookstats,on the phone recently to give him some feedback. Exciting developments are on the way, the ultimate goal being to move away to the classical Excel spreadsheet. Some features like tracking earning by keywords across agencies would a powerful tool since it very difficult or impossible to do that manually . FT will be added next as well as more flexiblity about the date periods selection.


Marek said...

It's nice to hear that Panthermedia bring some sales. I have submitted only 20 pictures there so far.

I was lucky in December with 2 ELs, so my earnings were at the same level as in November.

I am moving my earnings reports and other related posts to a separate blog:

james r t bossert said...

Not bad Laurent! My numbers are still pretty low, but I'm hoping to add some new images soon. Glad to see you're using lookstat!

Rahul Pathak said...

Hi Laurent,

Great post and thanks for sharing your earnings. It was great chatting with you and it's great to see you using your lookstat screenshots.


CEO & Founder

PS: James - Thanks for being an enthusiastic supporter as well. Hope you had an awesome vacation too!