Saturday, January 31, 2009

January 2009 earnings


A good month in term of earnings considering the slow start of the month and the fact that I did not have any EL and sales in midtock. Among the 10 agencies, I had only one BME at Dreamstime. RPI went up so does volume of sales from last month. However compared to the same period last year, RPI is only half its value and volume of sales about the same despite the fact that I have a larger number of pictures on line.

Compared to January 2008 in ():

Total earnings: $ 265.08 ($ 179.26)
Pictures sold: 462 (446)
Average $/dl: 0.58 (0.42)
Global RPI : 0.48 (0.89)

  • Shutterstock. A good month above the $ 100 mark again due a large number of OD sales which represent 15 % of the earnings, up from 5-8 % normally RPI=0.17. I had however my first 0 sale day ever this month.
  • Istockphoto. Sales are getting better again. IS new price structure certainly boosted my earnings.RPI=0.16
  • Fotolia. Very close to the second position this month and earnings. RPI=0.05
  • Dreamstime. A BME by few dollars hope it continues this way. RPI = 0.04
  • Stockxpert. A lot of sub sales this month since I had a only 6 credit sales on 45 sales. RPI=0.03
  • Bigstockphoto . Dissapointing month with earnings lower than in december
  • 123RF. Dissapointing month as well, a bit better than last month but still far from past performances....
Less than 1%: SCP (no sales this month),CSP,CT

On the midstock front no sales this like I mentioned earlier. I have 500 pictures on line now on YAY and decided to hold uploads now on. I give a bit more time to Cutcaster but still wait for my first sale there. I hope Zymmetrical and Panthermedia will pick up next month....


Lookstat screenshot January 2009

The trends of this month are clearly visible on this screenshot from Lookstat. FT should be added shortly to the list of agencies and it worth mentioning that Lookstat implemented a new feature this month to track earnings per picture. I will do a post about this later on but it is definitely a very good tool to analysis strengh and weakness of a portfolio.

Detailled earnings January 2009 (figures in USD)

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Microstock blogger Matt Antonino said...

January was definitely a weird month - started off TERRIBLE for me, ended very well. IStock had a BME of all things. Interesting to see your BSP and 123 numbers - I always hope those two do a bit more than they do but eh, it's something. I made a couple hundred from each last year so there is that!

Good luck in Feb!