Sunday, January 4, 2009

Microstock goals for 2009

2008 is over so it is time to set some goals for 2009. I did not reach my 2008 goal which was to earn $ 500 a month (microstock only minus referrals): my best month of the year was May with $ 344 and the second one was September with $ 334.
Therefore $ 500 a month will be my goal for 2009 with some realistic individual goals for some agencies:

  • Shutterstock : increase portfolio size up to 1000 pictures and hopefully by the year reach the next commission level of $ 0.36 (above $ 3000 of total earnings).
  • Fotolia: increase portfolio up to 1000 pictures and reach silver rank (more than 1000 sales)
  • Istock: increase portfolio size up to 500 and aim at least for three more yellow flames (pictures downloaded more than 100 times each).
  • Stockxpert, 123rf, Bigstockphoto, Dreamstime: increase portofolio up to 1000 pictures, 123rf will be the first most probably
Misc : Increase my monthly midstock to 20% fo earnings by uploading in priority to Zymmetrical and Panthermedia.
Reach my first payout at Crestock and Scanstockphoto

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